“Receiving is good but giving is much better. Nevertheless, sharing is the best.” (Sharrizad Shafian)

Bonnections takes part in the Global Sharing Week (June 5-11), a worldwide people-driven campaign helping millions discover the rapidly growing sharing economy.

Under the slogan “Bonn becomes shareable”, numerous grassroots initiatives and individuals joined the campaign and are organizing a series of free events and activities in Bonn to bring a spotlight on the local sharing community. See program overview below and #BonnSharingWeek calendar.

Bonnections invites all new and old Bonners to join us this week for an exchange of languages, food, books, and stories.

Our first event is a LANGUAGE EXCHANGE (#SprechBAR) on Sunday afternoon (June 5, 3–  pm). Thursday evening (June 9, 7 – 11 pm), we’re organizing an INTERCULTURAL POTLUCK DINNER (#KostBAR). To accomodate our neigbhors who are observing Ramadan, there will  be a second Iftar buffet opening  at 9.40 pm.

And finally, starting at 3 pm on Saturday, you can join us for an INTERNATIONAL BOOK SWAP (#LesBAR) with a multilingual story hour (4.30 – 5 pm).

All events are free and take place at BonnLAB in Beuel (Zingsheimstr. 2, 53225 Bonn). Please SHARE the invite!

Bonnections will turn the City Lab on Thursday into a cul­tur­ally diverse makeshift restau­rant, because there is no bet­ter way to con­nect with people than through food.

A potluck is a com­mu­nal meal where every­one brings a course or dish. The orig­i­nal mean­ing in Eng­lish was “food pro­vided for an unex­pected guest, the luck of the pot”. Please bring your favorite dish and home-made food, if you can. This could be a small tra­di­tional dish or com­fort food that brings back good mem­o­ries and sto­ries to share, a dish that con­nects you to a spe­cial place and put a smile on your face.

On Saturday, you only have to bring yourself and books to swap, if you can, preferably in many foreign languages. German books are welcome too. You’re encouraged to bring books that you’ve read and liked so you can share what they are about and why we should read them.

LANGUAGE LEARNING: We are collecting free language exchange + language learning resources (German courses, conversation, tandem learning, etc.) for refugees and newcomers in Bonn. We’d like to share this knowledge at the #SprechBAR event and later online in a blog post.

Which local resources can you recommend? What apps and online services do you use for language learning? Many thanks for your input.

Overview #BonnShar­ing­Week program

Sunday, 6/5, 3 pm, BonnLAB: #Sprech­BAR Lan­guage Exchange + Tan­dem Learn­ing

Monday, 6/6, 7 pm, BonnLAB: #SpinnBAR Skills Shar­ing Spinnen-Netz.de ; 7 pm, Haus der Bil­dung: #Wan­del­BAR Tran­si­tion Towns World­wide Work­shop Bonn im Wan­del

Tuesday, 6/7, 12 am, Ermekeilka­serne: #PflanzBAR Urban Gar­den­ing; 6 pm, BonnLAB: #Wün­schBAR Bon­n Dream + Vision Fac­tory

Wednesday, 6/8, 6 pm, Haus Mülles­tumpe: #Näh­BAR  Collaborative Sewing; 7 pm, BonnLAB: #DenkBAR Share Econ­omy Talk with Prof. Christoph Zacharias

Thursday, 6/9, 6.30 pm, Haus Mülles­tumpe: #Reparier­BAR Open Bike Repair Cafe  Bonn im Wan­del; 7 pm, BonnLAB: #Kost­BAR Inter­cul­tural Potluck Bon­nec­tions

Friday, 6/10, 6 pm, BonnLAB: #Hör­BAR living room concert with Sebas­t­ian Handke & Friends

Saturday, 6/11, 3 pm, BonnLAB: #Les­BAR  International Book Swap (plus story hour)


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