Sindibad meets Siegfried – Intercultural Reading for Young and Old


“Stories for Children of the Orient and Oxident” is the theme of our next Bonnections book club meet-up on June 1st at the Central Library in Bonn. This time we will meet at the chilling, newly opened youth library room.

You will learn about the adventures of Sindbad and Siegfried, the young and smart Kahramana, a Wonder Tree and a Syrian family’s journey to a new life in Germany.

We will read  a variety of old folk and fairy tales in German, Arabic and English, including from the Book of Thousand and One Nights and the Song of the Nibelungen, and also present cartoons and short stories written by contempory authors.

The Nibelungenlied  is the most famous heroic poem in Middle High German. It tells the story of the dragon-slayer Siegfried from his childhood and his marriage to Kriemhild to his murder by the evil Hagen and Kriemhild’s subsequent revenge.

The stories that are now known as “A Thousand and One Nights” are tales from China, India, Persia, and Arab lands that were first recorded in Arabic in Baghdad during the Middle Ages.

And once apon a time a famous German poet said …Goethe Divan




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