Inspired by a series of articles titled “Two coffee, please” by a Cologne newspaper, we’d like to start an experiment to connect people: New Bonners will randomly approach pedestrians on the street in the city center and invite them for a cup of coffee and to have a conversation in a coffeeshop: What’s your story? What worries you? What do we have in common? What are our differences?

The idea for this experiment was born when we’re thinking about how to connect new Bonn residents with old Bonners. We have noted that most people are very open-minded and curious about the newcomers: Where are they from? Why and when did they come to Germany? Where does their family live? What’s their current living situation and what are their hopes for the future? Unfortunately, they often do not engage into a conversation, because they are either too busy or too shy.

We hope that this experiment will make a small contribution to establish new contacts and to overcome some barriers.


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