#COP23drum – Respect Earth group drums in Bonn for Mother Earth and climate justice


The following is a guest blog post by Respect Earth e.V.

May all our efforts have a good and peaceful effect on our planet and shared humanity!

Dear Companions & Fellow Environmentalists,

We cordially invite you to support the negotiations of this year’s world dclimate conference in Bonn with us. It is worth it. Even though the mills of global diplomacy as well as the global insight process into the necessity of environmental protection are grinding slowly – they are grinding.

We all want the negotiators and politicians to act in a reasonable and responsible way.
So we nourish the good spirit and listen to the messages of creation and all living beings!

We want to warn.
We want to touch.
We want to remind.
Let us call the primal forces of life and the primordial spirit of humanity.

One Earth One Responsibility – KlimaKonferenz 2017 in Bonn

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Gepostet von SuTo am Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

Please contact us by e-mail (info@respect-earth.info) and let us know if you would like to:
– join the Spirit Walk and sweat lodge ceremony on Saturday/ Sunday (11./ 12. November) and/ or
– participate in the guarding of the good spirit during the second conference week.

If possible, we would like to carpool. So please tell us where you’re coming from or if you would drive with your own car.

Joining the SPIRIT WALK and sweat lodge ceremony (Saturady/Sunday 11./12. November):
We will start the Spirit Walk to the climate conference in Bonn with an Inipi-ceremony on Saturday afternoon in the “Grube Louise”. It´s possible to stay overnight there.
On Sunday morning we’ll be driving part of the route to Bonn. The last 15-20 kilometers we’ll be walking contemplatively, inviting the nature spirits to join us.

At about 4 p.m. we´ll come across the river Rhine, 1-2 kilometers before reaching the finish point of the Spirit Walk. This is the opportunity for all those who are already in Bonn to join the Spirit Walk.

Everyone will have the opportunity to give their prayer in the form of a floating object (made from natural materials; please no plastic, no metal, no glass), as a “prayer boat” into the Rhine. Please prepare your prayer boat at home. Father Rhine will carry the prayer boats past the Conference Center. The flow of the Rhine will carry our prayers into the ocean. The oceans have the power and ability to compensate for the imbalances and the heating which the climate change entails and are therefore exposed to great burdens.

We´ll continue along the Rhine downstream to the final ritual site of the Spirit Walk: on the opposite side of the river and across from the World Conference Center where the climate conference takes place. From there we send our prayers and good forces into the conference.

Guarding the good spirit during the second conference week (Monday to Friday, 13-17 November):

From Monday to Thursday we want to maintain the good spirit with Earth Drumming Circles (twice a day, morning and evening between 8 and 9) and the weaving of the PEACE RUG together with participants and visitors.

We would like to be flexible and to move around the conference grounds with our drum circles and other actions and go wherever it is called for.

Current details concerning WHEN & WHERE:
on our Facebook page
and our website





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