PoetryPolis – Multilingual Poetry Slam: Call for Entries


How does HOPE sound in your languge ?

A Feeling – Your Language – Four Minutes

PoetryPolis is an annual multilingual poetry slam co-organized by the Literaturhaus Bonn .

This year’s PoetryPolis theme will be HOPE. If you want to participate, please submit your written entry in your language, plus a German translation and a short CV, by December 2nd to post(at)literaturhaus-bonn.de .  The poem can be no longer than 4 minutes in length.

The event will take place on December  16 at 8 pm at MIGRApolis-Haus der Vielfalt – BIM e.V.  with free admission.

Here’s “America In 4 Minutes” by Branden Wellington as an example. He says he wrote the poem a decade ago at age 17/18  as “an observation of the ins and out of living in America from a social, political, and everyday stand point.”


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