Why this blog?

Pebble Artwork by Syrian Artist Nizar Ali Badr

Why this blog?

We are a diverse group of Bonn residents, newcomers and old Bonners who feel that we should talk more with and less about each other. Our aim is to connect, to explore what we have in common and to cherish our diversity, different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

The BONNECTIONS blog is the seed of a multilingual digital story telling project, initiated by refugees and volunteers. The blog is supported by Bonn.digital. Our intention is to grow organically. We’re planning a series of conversations (coffee talks), photo essays, podcasts and information on local events and initiatives.

We believe that access to information is key to integration and connecting newcomers to their new communities. Therefore, we also aim to provide constructive local reporting and news to use.

One way we can always relate to each other is through our shared culture, humanity and good reads.

Das erste Buchclub Treffen findet am April 6 im Literarischer Salon der Stadtbibliothek statt. (Foto: Claudia Kittlaus)
The first meeting of the book club will take place on April 6th at the central library in Bonn. (Foto: Claudia Kittlaus)

That’s why we decided to launch a multilingual digital book club with regular meet-ups to foster intercultural exchange and discover together unknown authors and world literature. We want to open our horizons and share our stories and ideas. The plan is to select a book or writer every 1-2 months and discuss the work both online and offline.

We will post some questions and further info to get things started, but we would love for this to grow into an open discussion with and between all of you. We will invite authors and other voices (journalists and experts on the topic) to join the conversation.

Everyone is welcome to participate and share their ideas, suggestions and talents. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! (See contact form below.)


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